About Us

SharkByte Tech specializes in workloads and services in the cloud, we are a technology solution provider focused on cybersecurity, application & network visibility.

Our mission is to lower the technical and financial barriers for companies needing to manage risk, protect critical data, and demonstrate compliance while improving their visibility into applications and networks. We will help you find the right IT solutions for your evolving environment, especially as workloads migrate to the Cloud.

Our team has years of experience providing systems management solutions for organizations of all sizes. We put a lot of resources into staying informed and educated about industry technology advances to ensure integration and delivery of best of breed solutions. We also take time learning about each customer's unique environments and challenges to provide the best custom solutions. 

We give our clients the competitive edge.

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Network and systems performance objectives are congruent with business objectives, policies, and procedures through continuous monitoring of IT assets, events and actions.


Networks and systems are reliably meeting expectations through integrated monitoring, troubleshooting, analyzing and compliance review actions.


Information assets are secured to achieve business objectives through technology integration and best practices.

Solutions We Deliver, Provide ...

increased productivity while increasing systems performance and preventing outages and slow downs

time and money savings by dramatically reducing Implementation, and maintenance time.

rapid return on investment

fast and easy installation, operation and maintenance

limited or no training required for most solutions

information of real value for Informed decision making